Wellness Policy Posters:

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Custom Posters:

18"x24"- $32.00 each
Add lamination for $6.00

One-time art set up for custom layout: $30.00

Banner: $7.00/sq. ft.

Poster: $10.00/sq. ft.

Wrap: $20.00/sq. ft.

Ultra-Board: $20.00/sq. ft.

PVC: $22.00/sq. ft.

3/6" Acrylic: $22.00/sq. ft.

1/2" Acrylic: $50.00/sq. ft.






18"x24" Heavy duty metal FLIP frame with security edges, Black-Crome $44.00/each

Available in all styles: 
Elegant Black and Metal

Also Available in "Banner-Grip Stretch Frame" format


Double Sided Sign Holder Frames:

Light-weight, double-sided, floor stands that hold 18"x24" posters
(breakfast - one side/ lunch - other side)
Protected by a clear plastic lens that doubles as a dry erasable surface - $134.00/each or $149.00 with posters.

Line Management Stanchions:

Black Designer Series - All stanchions sold in pairs.
All stanchions come with 10' of nylon quick connect tape.







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