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Double Sided Sign Holder Frames


Light-weight, double sided, floor stands that hold 18"x24" posters (breakfast - one side/ lunch - other side) that are protected by a clear plastic lens that doubles as a dry erasable surface - $314.00/ea. or $149.00 with posters.


$149.00 Includes double-sided sign
Breakfast poster
Lunch poster
Dry erasable lens


School Nutrition Network/Regulation Signage/regulationsignage-3.png School Nutrition Network/Regulation Signage/regulationsignage-2.png






























$55.00 Package
Includes 5 posters and 5 clings

Super Crew Poster Package


Includes Front of the Line Lunch


Super Kids Protein Poster
Super Kids Fruit Poster
Super Kids Vegetable Poster
Super Kids Grain Poster
Super Kids Milk Poster

5 Five Star Clings
Clings are sold individually $1.00/each








Regulation Signage


One-time art set up for custom layout: $30.00


Banner: $7.00/sq. ft.
Poster: $10.00/sq. ft.
Wrap: $20.00/sq. ft.
Ultra-Board: $20.00/sq. ft.
PVC: $22.00/sq. ft.
3/16" Acrylic: $22/sq. ft.
1/2" Acrylic: $50/sq. ft.

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