Front of the Line - Regulation Signage

Use Regulation Signage to Promote your Nutrition Program

The USDA requires School Districts to have signage at the front of serving lines to indicate what foods are part of the reimbursable meal so that the student can easily choose all of the required components in the correct portion size for breakfast and lunch meals. The USDA states that signage needs to be placed in a visible location at or near the beginning of the serving line.

Signage can be in the form of Digital Menu Displays, posters, banners, dry erase boards, floor or ceiling signs, menu boards, and table top holders to name a few. Pick the option that fits your space, decor and budget. 


Five Star Poster Package:

Includes front of the line lunch 
add breakfast poster for $7.95 or a combo breakfast lunch poster

Five Star Protein Poster
Five Star Fruit Poster
Five Star Vegetable Poster
Five Star Grain Poster
Five Star Milk Poster

5 Star Clings
Clings also sold individually
$1.00 each

Five Star Poster Sets also available in 8.5x11




Add Breakfast for $7.95


One-time art set up for custom layout: $30.00

Banner: $7.00/sq. ft.
Poster: $10.00/sq. ft.
Wrap: $20.00/sq. ft.
Ultra-Board: $20.00/sq. ft.
PVC: $22.00/sq. ft.
3/6" Acrylic: $22.00/sq. ft.
1/2" Acrylic: $50.00/sq. ft.


Set of 5 Star Clings are $5.00